Letter to ABC broadcasting television on drugs by Myanma Canberra Envoy

Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2001

"A man is known by the company he keeps"--any question?

(A) FACT: Somebody provides guardianship/security protection/business associatipns to Drug Lords (1) Lo Sit Han (2) Khun Sa (3) Wei Hsueh Kang (UWSA), with ownership of banks and unlimited supply of local money. Yes, we know who that somebody is don't we?

(B) FACT: Immediate cessation of opium/heroin production and trafficking in and from Afghanistan/Teleban. How long did it take to do it ? They done it already, just 3 months, and with army of 9000 soldiers. Yes , thats called real eradication, no bluff or tom-foolery business.

(C) FACT: How long for Burma to do total eradication of opium/heroin drugs ? Another 14 years with army of 500,000.?

(D) Why the difference between Afghanistan and Burma ? The truth is , the former is fact, already happened, the latter is fiction, said will happen in the unseeable future, 10 or 15 years down the line, may be or may be not.

(E) FACT: No question, with Afghanistan drugs out of the picture, the Burmese drug lords can expect flourishing revenues from here now-on. Even a GDP increase of more than 11% predicted? Your internet free press program is absolutely wonderful for the people of Burma outside, but for the captive 50 million of our people within the country, don't even know some political prisoners released and some NLD offices allowed to open, sorry state of affairs but still a state of gagged press, deaf and dumb people in fear under the gun. Thats what one can infer from the latest letter of the courageous Bo Hmu Aung to the "Paramount Leader" General Than Shwe of the Military Dictatorship.

Thanks again for your free internet press.

Australian Human Rights Workshops should teach the source of brutal human rights abuses, namely junta generals to make sense. Teaching underlings unconnected with abuses , ridiculous and futile exercise. Australians would rather donate precious money ($140,000) to victims of abuses , not vice-versa, thats for sure. If purpose is PR for junta, why not be frank,not evasive and sound hypocritical.

Burma Watcher

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