UNHCR rebuke shouldbe for its own workers
source : Nation

First it was the invisible stocks which bruised the Clean One. Now his international diplomatic image has been tarnished by, of all organisations, Thailand's favourite, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.Commissioner Sadako Ogata got a long-overdue first-hand look at the refugee camps on the Thai-Burmese border.

If that's not the start or finish of a bad week, what could be worse?

For years the UNHCR has been the strong armour bearers who have the power of life or death in their decisions for refugees around the globe. Their fearless leader came and gave a rebuke to their number one Asian friend, Thailand.

It seems Ogata "forgot" to rebuke those who are under her command for not moving fast enough to find countries who want the refugees. Just a hint for the deaf,dumb and blind UNHCR workers inside Thailand: try the USA and Canada.

If you eliminate three quarters of your red tape, the refugees would have been there already

Let's all give a big cheer to Ogata for visiting the camps after a long illustrious career.