Ogata has got things all wrong

Source : Richard , Northern Thailand (Bangkok Post)

The BBC World Service on Oct 18 ran a short, superficial, television news item regarding the criticism of Thailand's treatment of Karen refugees from Burma by Mrs Ogata, the Japanese UN high commissioner for refugees.

This official criticised Thailand for what she said were overcrowded conditions in the refugee camps.

Perhaps this lady will could answer:- How much malnutrition is there in these camps?- Is it not the case that the Thailand government is providing health care?- How many Karens have entered the country already infected with diseases such as malaria?- How many Karens have died in these camps whilst enjoying the hospitality of the Thai government?- How many Karens have been accepted as refugee immigrants in Japan?- Does this lady remember how the Japanese treated the Karens during World War Two?- Has this lady or her agency ever visited the hundreds of villages provided by the government of Thailand to thousands of refugees from many ethnic groups from Burma, Laos and Cambodia?- Has this lady noted the infrastructure provided by the Thai government for hundreds of refugee villages-roads, electricity, water supplies, schools, sanitation, etc-(often at the expense of indigenous peoples)?Perhaps the BBC will take the time to redress a distorted view of how Thailand has and is looking after refugees.

Thailand has made a few mistakes but generally can hold her head high. BBC, come to the North and see what the situation is on the ground, see how many refugees, who with the help of the Thai government, have made a better life for themselves.