And our security is in their hands

Source : Exercitus, Bangkok Post

What on earth are our armed forces up to now? I cannot believe that we allow superstitious and wasteful people to defend our realm against our drug-dealing neighbour.

It is bad enough that a wing of the armed forces is superstitious, it is worse that they complain of a lack of funds and then throw money to the wind.

Surely there are better things to do with 5 million baht (than tear down and replace a house because it is thought to be unlucky)? The upgrade of military facilities and capability or an increase in the effort against the flow of drugs from our most beloved neighbour come to mind.

It was not Suan Ruen Rudee that was cursed. It was the generals who were cursed by defying the people's demands for democracy and their other deficiencies. Now it would seem the curse of superstition and wanton wastefulness has descended. This can only be to the disadvantage of our armed forces and the taxpayers, and to the advantage of our beloved neighbour.