UNDCP did not choose venue

Source : Sandro Calvani, UnDCP Representative forEast Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok Post)

I am writing to comment on your editorial entitled "Burma's insincere attitude on drugs".

Specifically, I would like to call your attention to the following sections that stated: "The United Nations is sponsoring another anti-drug meeting in Burma", "the UNDCP and Interpol took their 24th conference of Asia-Pacific law enforcement chiefs (HONLEA) to Rangoon. Perhaps they think it was Burma's turn...", "The United Nations should think more seriously about putting its conference in such cities as Rangoon."I would like to inform you and your readers that the venue/location of the HONLEA annual meeting is determined the previous year by the participating countries. It is the practice for one country, or several countries, to extend an invitation to host next year's meeting, and the remaining countries either accept or reject the offer.

During the 1999 meeting held in Bangkok, the Burmese delegation proposed to host the meeting for the year 2000. All delegations unanimously agreed, including those who did not attend this year. The United Nations (UNDCP) serves as a secretariat and plays no role in choosing the host country.

Moreover, we wish to note that your expressed concerns on drug production, trafficking and abuse are shared by UNDCP.