THE UNITED NATIONS estimates 530,000 people have become HIV carriers in Burma.
The number of persons living with HIV is unknown in Burma but it has to be over
700,000 at this point.


  • Britain to help Myanmar fight HIV/AIDS
  • U.N. provides aid for Myanmar's anti-AIDS program
  • AIDS threatens Asia's defense forces
  • U.S. Officials Seek AIDS Funding for Myanmar
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  • Burmese migrants face HIV test
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  • Khin Nyunt says Burma committed to fight HIV/AIDS as national cause
  • Myanmar Hosts Regional Meeting on AIDS
  • Burma's Khin Nyunt on "false accusations" against country's AIDS campaigns
  • Myanmar minister slams media for exaggeration of HIV problem
  • WHO:HIV infection still an upward trend in Burma
  • Myanmar Makes Efforts in Fight Against HIV/AIDS
  • AIDS Hidden in Burma, Expert Says
  • Indo-Burma border and AIDS
  • Warnings that HIV/Aids will destroy 'entire races'
  • Burma denial puts people at risk
  • UN urged to spend more battling Aids for Burma
  • HIV Risk High Among Refugees in Burma, Thailand
  • AIDS Epidemic In Burma "Fastest Growing" In South-east Asia
  • New HIV-1 intersubtype recombinants identified in Burma


  • Fighting Aids in Burma
    For one, Aids in Burma has become politicised. Governments and political groups are using the Aids epidemic as a political tool, in order to make accusations

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