Chopper Crash Kills General

State media said that 13 of the 29 passengers and
crew aboard the helicopter had been rescued alive
while 14 were still missing and two, including Tin Oo, were confirmed dead


  • Air force chief of staff said replaces commander over Feb chopper crash

  • Rescue Workers Find Body Of Top Burmese General
  • Speculation over Tin Oo successor
  • Burmese general mourned by thousands
  • Six More Bodies Recovered From Burma Helicopter Crash
  • Burma prepares to bury helicopter crash victims
  • Burma minister's body recovered from helicopter crash
  • Biography of Secretary-2 of State Peace and Development Council
  • Two Bodies Recovered From Burma Helicopter Crash Site
  • Burma copter crash caused by engine trouble, not ground fire
  • Crashed Burmese helicopter being salvaged
  • ABSDF Press release for helicopter crash
  • Burma hopes of finding more crash survivors fade
  • No sign of 14 people missing in Burmese helicopter crash
  • Burma seeks successor after hardline general dies
  • Rescue workers fail to find missing crash victims in Burma
  • Burma Chopper Crash Kills General
  • Helicopter crash kills Burmese ministers, army general
  • Leading Burma general killed in helicopter crash
  • Burma junta's number-four killed in helicopter crash
  • Burma Copter Crash Kills Tin Oo
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  • Grenade explosion cause of Rangoon Junta Tin Oo's helicopter
    When the helicopter reached Tayokhla Village near the Salween River, Cpl Htein Lin Aung, who came along as a support trooper, attempted to shoot SPDC Secretary-2 Lt Gen Tin Oo

  • Political infighting weakens Burma
    Tin Oo's death is likely to accelerate the factional struggle within the SPDC, as the more liberal factions see an opportunity to acquire some of the conservatives' waning power