Battling for Power

A pair of generals a ruthless battlefield commander and
a reform-minded intelligence chief are in the running to lead Burma's junta


  • Who Will Fill Tin Oo’s Shoes?
    One likely candidate, SPDC Secretary 3 Lt-Gen Win Myint, who is now temporarily serving in Tin Oo’s place as army chief of staff

  • Speculation over Tin Oo successor
    Interestingly, those familiar with Burma say that while Gen. Maung Aye is a veteran of many a battle against the communist guerillas and ethnic insurgents, Lt. Gen. Khin Nyunt has never been a fighting man.

  • Burma seeks successor after hardline general dies
    Tin Oo was considered an ally of Maung Aye. They said the choice of a successor could indicate whether hardliners or reformists had the upper hand in the government

  • Burma junta laughs off rumours of top-level split
    "It's all just wishful thinking on their part," junta number-three Lieutenant-General Khin Nyunt said in an interview with the Myanmar Times weekly

  • General keeps General Happy
    Gen. Maung Aye, slated to become the next chairman of the ruling military council, appeared to be satisfied with the power-sharing arrangements made by Gen. Khin Nyunt

  • Junta leaders playing their own game
    "Maung Aye has recently been to India, Laos, China and other places saying, 'I'm in charge'.

  • Chairman Maung Aye will be Tough, says Insider
    Maung Aye, 60, is reported to have said repeatedly that he will not accept any office in which he is merely a "figurehead" like Gen Than Shwe

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  • Myanmar's foiled coup may scupper opposition talks
  • Burma's unmoving generals
  • No Quick Fix For the Junta
  • Tin Oo: A Man With Many Enemies
    Surprisingly, the death of one of the country's top generals wasn't big news in government newspapers, nor on television. But many ordinary Burmese were jubilant when they heard the news

  • Political infighting weakens Burma
    Tin Oo's death is likely to accelerate the factional struggle within the SPDC, as the more liberal factions see an opportunity to acquire some of the conservatives' waning power

  • Triangle of Suspicion
    Rivalries between two of Burma’s top three leading generals are set to intensify, as Number One prepares to step down and external pressures continue to heat up

  • Battling for Power in Burma
    Khin Nyunt leads a group of younger officers who want to open Burma up to Western investment
    Maung Aye is a taciturn soldier who shuns the spotlight

  • Commander-in-waiting

  • Troubled Junta