Junta News Diary

September 2002

Sep 02 2002

- Claimed that it had already formed 7,760 cooperative societies in agricultural, 975 in in the livestock breeding sector, and 102 in the fish and prawn breeding sector.The country's cooperative sector contributes about 2.1 percent to its gross domestic product.

Sep 03 2002

Declared that it would take legal action against two students arrested last month for staging an anti-government protest.It did not say which laws they had broken.
-The value of Burmese currency, the kyat, has plunged to a record low at 1,150 kyats per US dollar, or 0.38 baht per kyat.

Sep 04 2002

- Denied rice distribution in Rangoon is in short supply.
- Denied allegations that 200- and 500-kyat currency notes are goingto be demonetized and 5000-kyat note will be introduced for circulation.
- Claimed that the government has made certain progress in the country's national reconciliation process.
- Claimed that its relations with historic adversary Thailand were on the mend, after a May border clash sparked a diplomatic row between the neighbours.
- Postpones key ministerial meeting with Thailand.
- The export earning through gas accounted for about 200 million US dollars or 11 percent of the country's total export value annually in the past four years, becoming a major dollar earner along with the nation's agricultural, forestry and fishery export goods.

Sep 05 2002

- Releases eight political prisoners ahead of visit by European Union team.
- Emphasized the need for expansion of bilateral political and economic ties with Iran.

Sep 06 2002

- Jailed two members of Aung San Suu Kyi's party,Aung Thein and Kyaw Naing Oo, both members of the NLD youth wing.
- Asked Thai Princess to visit Burma.
- Navy patrol vessel sank earlier this month off the country's southern coast, killing six people including the captain due to bad weather.

Sep 08 2002

- Rangoon police have begun displaying photos of suspected criminals on public notice boards in the capita.

Sep 09 2002

- Offered some mining rights to foreign companies conducting mineral exploration in the country.

Sep 10 2002

- European Union delegates held talks with officials of ruling military junta as part of their three-day mission to assess the country's progress in political reforms.

Sep 11 2002

- Suu Kyi, junta generals attend 9/11 ceremony in Burma

Sep 13 2002

- Aimed to purchase gas from TotalFinaElf as a stop-gap measure to end Burma's chronic electricity shortages.

Sep 14 2002

- Made minor cabinet changes involving five senior officials in charge of economic and cultural portfolios.Major General Saw Lwin, minister of hotels and tourism, and Major General Tin Ngwe, minister of the Prime Minister's Office, were retired from government service.
- More than 80 soldiers have been given jail sentences of 15 years by a secret military tribunal for their involvement in an alleged coup attempt against Burma's military regime.

Sep 15 2002

- Pledged full support to U.S for the missions to recover the US servicemen remains in Burma.

Sep 16 2002

- Allowed ICRC to open office in Mandalay to step up its humanitarian activities in central and northern Burma.

Sep 18 2002

- 14th anniversary of Burma being in the grip of Junta's unprecedented repressive military rule.
- Nearly 300 Karen villagers have fled into Burma's southern jungles after government troops torched three villages in Pa-An province.

Sep 19 2002

- Thai delegation of the Thai-Burmese Cultural and Economic Cooperation Association discussed reopening of the border, economic issues and lifting of an entry ban on 14 Thai journalists during a three-day visit to Burma.

Sep 20 2002

- Self-promotion of top three generals in a move that apparently entrenches their position in power.
- Foreign Minister Win Aung promised to reintroduce multiparty democracy in an address to the U.N. General Assembly.
- Insisted that NLD prisoner, Aung May Thu,was arrested in 1989 on charges of being linked to the banned Communist Party of Burma and sentenced to 20 year in prison,died of severe flatulence with hard constipation on 15th September and discounted the foul-play.

Sep 23 2002

- Freed 18 political prisoners, including 10 members of the opposition National League for Democracy party.
- Arrested the heads of nine private Burma import/export companies in the latest crackdown on trading irregularities.

Sep 24 2002

- FM Win Aung arrived in Bangkok for talks on reopening of border.
- Burma's currency fell to a record low sliding to 1,260 kyats to the U.S. dollar on the black market.

Sep 25 2002

- Foreign Minister Win Aung said in Bangkok that Thai border will be reopened in a few weeks.

Sep 26 2002

- Rangoon court sentenced Ne Win's son-in-law and grandsons to death for high treason and orchestrated former dictator's final downfall.
- Announced that Rangoon now has 24-hour a day access to electricity.
- FM Win Aung said reconciliation talks between government and democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi are moving "on the right track", during current official visit to Thailand.

Sep 27 2002

- Invited UN human rights envoy Paulo Sergio Pinheiro to visit the country to investigate allegations of systematic sexual abuse against ethnic minority Shan women.

Sep 28 2002

- Reported that a fresh crackdown on activists was launched, arresting 30 dissidents and forcing many others into hiding.

Sep 30 2002

- Blamed some western nations for ignoring the characteristics of political, economic and social backgrounds of developing countries.
- Several rockets landed into Thailand from Burma in less than a week after Foreign Minister Win Aung made a high-profile visit to Thailand aimed at restoring ties.