We'd had already entered the new millennium. So let's do a bit of soul searching.

We need to ask ourselves that Do we really dare to look back and reflect on the past?    

If you dared so, you will have seen our 50 millions people have been suffering under a highly repressive, authoritarian military regime, combined with their economic mismanagement alongs with corruptions.

Also, SPDC(the junta) has made no palpable progress towards the fundamental improvement in the quality of life of our people and sent the economy into a downward spiral with an alarming rate.

It has been 12 years, since our people, students, monks and workers stood up in unison unprecedentedly to challenge the most brutal government we have ever seen in our history and cried for human rights and democracy. But military regime suppressed this peaceful campaign in inhuman ways. This high-water mark of the movement 12 years ago was sparked at the auspicious date of August 8th, 1988 (8/8/88).

We should not have forgotten that there were many hundreds of people who laid down their lives on this mery red letter day,most of the students imprisoned and tortured for years, the exiled students struggling inside and outside to topple this regime since then. That is why, we created this website REBOUND88 at the dawn of the millennium, to commemmorate those unsung martyrs and to continue to fulfill their legitimate wishes.

We hereby strongly urge our democracy-loving comrades all over the world to awaken and participate in REBOUND88. We intend REBOUND88 to be imbued with a sense of history, standards and achievement. Please do not let our innocent children suffer in this kind of misery as we did in past 40 years. 

Please do not let our children go away from our home and roam around the world
like nomad to earn the decent living. As long as, these soldiers stay on power, our families will be disintegrated more and more .

We are emphatically confident that our outcries will be heard and recognized very soon.

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